Qualifications and Experience


I have a Degee in Education and am a Graduate of the Karuna Institute which is the equivalent qualification of an MA.
I am accredited by the UK Council for Psychotherapy my registration may be seen on demand. I have been working as a therapist for over 15 years. I have completed a course in Contemplative Supervision at the Karuna Institute.


I have experience of working with people from a broad range of age and cultural background.

I have effectively worked:

  • With people who have had a recent Trauma in their lives as well as more long term work with Childhood Trauma and its consequent effects.

  • With Relationship Problems and issues around Sexuality including Sexual Abuse.I have done particular training in this area.

  • With Bereavement and have particular experience in this area.

  • With Depression,Low Self Esteem, and Self Assertion.

  • With Unhappiness and searching for a deeper meaning in our lives.

  • I have a particular interest in working with dreams and the imaginal in a contemplative and non interpretative way.

    I have a meditation practise of many years and have studied deeply and widely from the major traditions. I have worked with people who follow a particular Spiritual Tradition as well as those who have a Personal Spiritual approach or who have no particular spiritual perspective. This aspect of Self is an integral part of my work which has been of real value.