Core Process Psychotherapy

Core Process Psychotherapy is based on Buddhist principles and has awareness or mindfulness as its basis.It involves the whole person and is a process that engages our experience on many levels. I work in different ways depending on each person using imagination, body and felt sense, thoughts, feelings and a deeper spiritual sense of being as well as at times using art or other creative modes, within a supportive relationship.

Core Process works in the present and is not so much to do with regression into the past but rather a deepening into our present experience bringing awareness to all that we are including both painful and inhibiting patterns from the past as well as positive qualities of being and experience,within an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance.

The key to relieving suffering is to be found in ourselves and it is there also that we can find innate skills and wisdom to resolve many problems. Core Process Psychotherapy does not impose particular theories and techniques but works with each person in a unique way helping them find their own mode of working.