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Mindfulness based Psychotherapy and Supervision

Janet Bowers B'ED UKCP

Core Process Psychotherapy is a mindfulness based model that offers a therapeutic relationship and like any relationship it is important to find the person that feels right for you. Psychotherapy is helpful when there are difficult, painful or traumatic situations in your life where your own efforts just don't seem to work anymore and you feel you need help and friends are not enough, or if you simply want to explore a deeper self understanding. A therapist can offer invaluable experience, warmth, support, clarity and insight.

What is the next step?

The initial consultation is not a session but an opportunity to meet, discuss how we might work and an assessment.I do not charge for a brief half hour meeting, if you require a full session I charge the normal fee. If we decide to work together,I suggest working for an initial six weeks after which you decide if you want to make a further committment. We meet for an hour a week for a period of time agreed by both of us. The length of therapy is different for different people and can be long or short term depending on what you want from it.

A little about me.

I have been working as a therapist for more than 15 years in North London and am fully accredited and registered with the UKCP. I am also a supervisor and am involved with training other therapists. I am a mature person and have had a varied and rich experience of life.I have a spiritual practise of more than thirty years.I trained at the Karuna Institute which has a Buddhist basis in the training.I am very committed to the work I do, and have seen how invaluable it is both in my own personal experience of therapy and in working with the experience of others.I have worked with people who have had profound long term difficulties as well as those who are going through a particular personal issue or a crisis and want some short term support.


If you would like to know more about both Core Process Psychotherapy and how it works,there is further information on this website or please contact me personally.For further information click here to go to the Karuna Institute.


The Practice is located between Tufnell Park Islington N7 and Holloway within easy access of Camden,Hackney and Haringey, and is served well by public transport and has free parking nearby at certain times of the day.